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Fall 2012 - Cathy Doherty: Following Her Heart - Seasoned Staff Tell Their Stories

Summer 2012 - 40th Anniversay Edition - A Vintage Lopez Tale

Winter 2012 - Fast Action Saves a Life on Lopez - To Call or Not to Call, That is the Quesion

Fall 2011 - You Are Radiant, column by Dr. Bob - Feeding Body and Soul on Lopez

Summer 2011 - New EMT Team Ready for Action

Spring 2011 - Jewel in Lopez Island's Crown - Lopez Island Vita Parcours

Winter 2011 - CWMA Purchases New Equipment

Fall 2010 - Thrift Shop Thriving in New Location

Summer 2010 - Cooperation Solves Medical Mystery

Spring 2010 - Always Something New at the Clinic - a new generator and fiber-optic cable for broadband internet services to improve the ability to transmit x-ray and diagnostic information to specialists on the mainland

Winter 2010 - School a Vital Partner for Good Health

Winter 2009 - Ultrasound coming soon

Fall 2009 - Lopez Fire District Gets New Defibrillators

Summer 2009 - A Typical Day at the Clinic

Spring 2009 - Emergency Preparedness

Winter 2008 - Island Hospital Expansion, Dr. Dengler passes

Fall 2008 - Volunteer, Cecilia Richmond honored

Summer 2008 - Health Fair to Wind Up the Summer, Scholarships

Spring 2008 - Remembering Dr. Dengler, LOHO Senior Hamlet Welcomed

Winter 2007 - Generous Donation Provides X-ray Upgrade, Summer Health and Wellness Fair

Summer/Fall 2007 - It Takes a Whole Village… to care for a village, Lopez Care Partners

Spring 2007 - There’s Lots of Help in a Medical Emergency

Winter 2006 - Hospice and Home Support

Summer/Fall 2006 - Summer Health & Wellness Fair

Spring 2006 - Preparing for Pandemic Flu, Hazards of Spring